About Us

Our Recruitment Process ..

  • Collecting all the Job Requirements Including the Job Description, all Job Vacancy and Details of Salary and Allowances and Benefits Offered by the employing Company ..
  • Preparation and Authentication of the Official Documents Needed to Start the Recruitment Process ..
  • Collect C.V.s and Complete the Job Applications and Check the Eligibility of Candidates in Terms of the Required Skills and meeting the Legal Requirements..
  • Perform due diligence on the candidate where necessary and contact Previous Employers where the candidate had worked to determine Reason for Leaving Work as well as to gather information on their performance in the previous job position..
  • Filtering and Classification of Candidates and prepare Summary Report of their Skills on the Recruitment Tables to Simplify the effort for the Employing Company when conducting Job Interviews and Examination of the Candidates..
  • Negotiating Salary, Allowances and Benefits with the Successful Candidates in the Interviews in Line with the Salary Scale and Benefits of the Employing Company ..
  • The Signing of Labor Contracts and any other Related Documents with the Candidates as Requested and Authorized by the Employing Company..
  • Complete the Legal Procedures Required the Staff to Join Work at the Employing Company ..
  • Follow-up Staff Performance to Ensure Completion of the Probation Period with the Employing Company..